Miranda Cosgrove is on the Spotlight! Get to Know Interesting Things about Her!


Miranda Cosgrove. She is your favorite band manager from the movie School of Rock. But did you know that she started her career at three years old? Very young, yes, but she’s already a professional doing television commercials. School of Rock was considered her debut film, but it was then that she received roles in several Nickelodeon television series and later a starring role in Drake and Josh and iCarly.

iCarly is about teenager Carly Shay who created a web show called iCarly with her friends. She and her friends became online celebrities with their shows, and started to develop more interactive activities for their fans. Cosgrove became the second-highest paid child celebrity because of this show. Guinness also listed her as the highest paid child star for iCarly. Not so bad for someone who has worked hard since she was just a toddler.

School of Rock, 2003summerhathaway1

Drake and Josh, 2004-2007Screen-Shot-2014-07-28-at-9.15.34-AM

iCarly, 2007-2012

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