She took her own wedding photos; and they’re beautiful and inspiring!

Liisa Lutts knows intimate and personal than any of us. She got married in August, and her wedding photos were personally taken by her. That’s just romantic and unique.

Being in the video and photography business, Liisa Lutts and her husband know a thing or two on taking photos that would capture memories and make them alive again in still images. She just wanted to capture their simple wedding, but the process made it real, one of a kind and ideal.

Weddings are wonderful ceremonies, but the preparations and the event could be tiring, time-consuming and stressful. Pre-nuptial undertakings especially take a lot of effort from the couple and the people around them – pre-nuptial photos, flowers, make-up, dresses, venue, food, invitations. They all take time to think and prepare. But this is a special moment for the couple, so they would patiently get ready and get everything set until the big day.

Liisa Lutts though wanted to take simple and practical to a whole new level in her wedding day. She did not need any professional photographer, no hassles for wedding get-ups, no frills for big flower arrangements, and long walks on the aisle. She assigned herself as the official photographer, and took photos from the time they woke up, to the moment of simple preparations, to the official signing, and the dinner.

It also ended with she and her husband falling happily asleep together. All the photos were taken first hand by Lutz using a Fujifilm X-T10. The entire series could be viewed in her website here. It would give you all the romantic feels, and the authentic wedding intimacy between the couple, and their friends and their family.


It’s time to make it official. The wedding day.

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