Shocking and Interesting Facts about your Favorite Celebrities!! Prepare to be Shocked!

Celebrities are often on the spotlight; it seems they are always in the public eye. Their lives are an open book, you can say. While some others claim they know so much about their celebrities, certain things still surprise them. Indeed, we can never know something very well, no matter how many times you read the book. And probably, the next time you read it again, you will discover something new.


Here are some facts about some celebrities that may give you different levels of feels — shock, surprise, disbelief, or “I already know that” kind of reaction. Let’s start.

1. Christopher Walken was a lion tamer when he was 15. He used to travel with the circus. While that would be totally controversial at the moment because of certain animal rights, being a lion tamer is some kind of a profession.

2. Jake Gyllenhaal‘s driving teacher was Paul Newman, a professional racing driver and also an actor and film director. Although he taught him a different kind of driving lesson…that is how not to drive. As a racer, he had the responsibility to teach a youngster how not to drive reaallllly fast.

Christopher Walken was a lion tamer. Rawwr!
Jake Gyllenhaal’s driving teacher was Paul Newman.
Paul Newman was a professional racing driver who taught Jake Gyllenhaal how not to drive.


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