Shocking and Interesting Facts about your Favorite Celebrities!! Prepare to be Shocked!

6. When Danica McKellar is not busy being a television star, she writes books encouraging students to study math. Being a mathematician, that is a very fun thing to say. McKellar graduated with a degree in Mathematics and finished top of her class.

7. Nolan Gould plays silly and dumb Luke Dunphy in Modern Family. In reality, he is so intelligent he is a member of of high IQ society Mensa. You cannot beat that.

8. Sir Elton Hercules John was Reginald Kenneth Dwight when he was born. I guess  Regie isn’t as good a stage name as Elton John.

Danica McKellar wrote books on Math.
Nolan Gould is a genius.
Elton John was Reginald Dwight.


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