Taylor Swift Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before! Take a Look!


Everybody knows Taylor Swift. Everyone knows how she looks like, how beautiful she is. The world knows her songs and sings with her. Her fans adore her and follows her. And although she also has her own set of haters, the spotlight always shines for her. And it shines brightly.

She is a top star, a global icon. Having released five albums, staged successful concerts, been on grand concert tours, Swift has made her name in the music industry and in the world. Her music videos has gained millions of views. The songs she has released the top of the Billboard. And she has not only made an impact to the music lovers, but to the society as a whole by being doing charity, fighting for the rights of artists and promoting women’s rights.

Taylor Swift is also known to interact with her fans in social media. That is why they love her as a person, and not only as a singer. While her social media accounts would show her daily activities, and photos and videos of her cats, these accounts are also an avenue for her to reach out to her fans. She would also give pieces of advice to her fans who need comfort and some love; she would give them hugs and sweet gestures.

That is the Taylor Swift you know and love. What you probably don’t know yet is her journey towards stardom–her younger days when she was just a daughter and a sister. We already know that she started young in her music career, and it was even reported that her mother was the one who really pushed her to pursue her love for music. She was also into modelling when she was young, and very much into horses. Her love for the guitar and music and singing had been with her ever since she was this tiny little cute adorable girl with all her curly glory.

Take a look at Taylor when she was still a baby, when she was toddler, a teenager. This is a photo journey towards her stardom.

Taylor was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania.taylor-swift-childhood-photo-shoot

Taylor with her brother Austin.34044ecb38ef20557a573dbd97a6b3476fa48e9ee527af778751e4535ed275ce13

Ever since she was young, she has found love in performing.Picture3Picture1Picture77

Nobody can say no to football.9

Taylor on her modelling days.

Taylor’s beauty shines
jPicture5 Picture8 Picture6

Taylor Swift, 2006taylor-swift-2006-billboard-650x430

Fearless, 2008Taylor-Swift-Photoshoot-033-Fearless-album-2008-anichu90-17449262-2560-1670

Speak Now, 2010109334-taylor_swift_617_409

Red, 2012

1989, 2014set_taylor_swift_1989_640

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