The Swifties Test: 14 Wildest Facts about Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift (2)

So you really think you know Taylor Swift that much?… Well not until you uncover 14 wildest facts about her that’ll swiftly take you to another side of this famous singer-songwriter!

From a charming little girl who only knew her first three guitar chords from a computer repairman to a successful singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift has definitely gone a long way in the music industry. She has once again proven herself after winning the title for video of the year with the recent VMAs. Swifties are surely not surprised at all! With almost 500 million views of the contentious   “Bad Blood”, no one else can ever claim the throne but the fearless singer-songwriter who does not run out of controversy in her videos. From best-selling albums to chart-topping singles, she undoubtedly has become a cultural phenomenon herself!

Who would ever thought that a simple country girl from Reading, Pennsylvania would become one of the world’s best songwriter? She has been honoured by several songwriters association because of her unique way of writing songs. We can’t blame her! She just has the best way of expressing her personal experiences and emotions through her songs.


Not even in her wildest dreams she thought that she’d be this big! Well speaking of Wildest Dreams, her recent video premiere that garnered almost 470 million Youtube views is yet another upcoming success for this beautiful young lady. Enough of her success, we had better take a look at Taylor Swift’s humble beginnings by checking this 14 wildest facts you probably have not known about her yet. So get your Swifties pen and paper handy as we lay out these interesting facts about your favourite singer.


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