These are the Only Valid Selfies; Don’t Take Any Unless More Extreme!

Selfies are things of this generation. People are obsessed with how they look, what they do, places they go to, what they eat and they are obsessed with sharing it to the world. In this social networking era, everybody is also eager to know what you’re up to.

People go places for adventure, for experience. They visit famous places, hike mountains, walk, swim, and have the time of their lives. There are also people who go places to take pictures; not professionally, but just so they could upload something to Instagram. The photos come first before the adventure. Selfie with the sharks required.

People eat something delicious to fill their stomachs after a hard day’s work. It’s to reward themselves for a job well done, or to appease themselves after a failure. Or to celebrate a special day. And also because it’s mealtime, and they are hungry. There are also those people who go to restaurants or cafes not to eat, but to take pictures. Just so they could post something to Facebook. The photos come first before the meal. Selfie with a cup of coffee required.

There is nothing wrong with these people. At least not yet. In this generation, selfies are common. Taking a photo of yourself with something and somewhere is a must before you start doing anything else. However, there are those selfies that are not really required; and not really worth a selfie. Really?

I declare the following selfies the only selfies that are worth taking. And unless you have something more exciting, or somewhere more interesting, don’t take a selfie.



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