What’s on the other side of famous structures? Take a peek and get a fresher perspective!

Often, we go on our daily lives doing the same things, going on the same routine, finishing the same duties that we forget how to appreciate what is going on everyday. We are used to our habits that doing those things has also become one. Life has become mundane and boring…we forget how to live.

It’s the same with our online life. It seems we keep seeing the same pictures, keep reading the same stories. We are never entertained. We need a new look, and a new perspective. Sometimes, looking on the other side of things could give us a little bit of excitement, new information even. While what is always presented to you is the simple straightforward look of places, situations, people and events, let’s try to give them a flip, or zoom them out to get, or look at a different angle for a fresher and newer view of old typical things.

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The Little Mermaid statue is an icon in Denmark. She receives a lot of visitors daily and is often seen in photographs looking out to the sea, like waiting for something, or maybe just enjoying the view.

On the other side though are groups of tourists looking and inspecting The Little Mermaid. It really looks so little amidst the prying eyes and camera lenses of the visitors.

While looking so grand and majestic in common images, she’s fragile in others when people mostly want to get a closer look, or get the perfect selfie. She has also been a victim of vandals with some even decapitating her or pouring paint all over her. And efforts to restore her were always made.

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