10 Phenomenal Architectural Wonders You Should See Before You Die!


Architectural structures have always fascinated us. It is not only an art work, but it also serves a lot of purposes and functions. A building is not only a piece of artistic structure, but also a house for a family, a worship place for the believers, an office for the workers, and a school for the students.

In the world of architecture, the architects are not the only stars. Since it is always built with art and beauty in mind, the painters, carvers, craftsmen, carpenters and workers are also on the limelight. Together, they build a masterpiece that serves a meaningful function.

The evolution of architecture from ancient to modern to post modern to the futuristic is just phenomenal. One could see the wonders of art intertwined with function. The domes, archways, posts, towers, stadiums, and a lot more development in architecture are influenced by many different things, like tradition, religion, location, trends and even politics. Ancient structures have been subject to destruction lately, and it’s sad to see those masterpieces being reduced to ashes. They were not only works of art, but they were significant structures that served a great purpose. No amount of recent and future architecture could replace those.

But of course, there is so much more to see in the future of architecture. While some architects retain a certain kind of signature look on their masterpieces, there is no doubt that architecture continues to evolve and its future looks breathtaking.

Let’s visit some of these masterpieces! Take a look at 10 wonderful architectures you need to visit before you die. These are works of art that have seem to surpass imagination.

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1.Göbekli Tepe – Turkey

Also known as Potbelly Hill, this ancient structure is estimated to be around 11,600 years old. This is the oldest known structure ever excavated. This magnificent structure proves the artistic ability of men during that time; but what is more fascinating and is now being debated and studied is the meaning and purpose behind this Gobekli Tepe. Archaeologist Karl Schmidt and his group discovered layers of stone pillars built in a circle. Massive T-shaped stones were used for the pillars, and sculptures of different animals, as bull, crane and fox, could be seen embedded on the ancient stones.

This was a really great discovery that could give answers to ancient civilization, rituals and traditions, but instead it created more questions because of the obscurity of how far in time it was built and the complexity of the structure.

Göbekli Tepe GB_03 gobekli-tepe-pillars-615 el_santuario_mas_antiguo_del_mundo_2000x1333

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