8 celebrities going through invisible medical struggles!


It’s true what they say about not judging someone because you never know what they are going through.  It is so amazing how some of us can keep our struggles to ourselves. Celebrities, for one are exceptionally so good at this. They have to be. Some of them are experts in concealing their physical weaknesses. Just when you thought they are almost perfect, you’d be surprised  to uncover that behind those pretty faces, charisma and great talent, they choose to silently deal with their invisible diseases. Here are 9 celebrities courageously living  with an illness or disability:

  1. Jessie J
image from: popglitz.com
image from: popglitz.com

Just like her extraordinary talent, Jessie’s genetic condition is also very rare. She has Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome. This rare disease can happen in 4 out of 100,000 people. Some of its symptoms include rapid heartbeats and fainting. In worst cases, it can even lead to chest pain but it can rarely lead to death.

2.  Halle Berry


Image from: www.glamour.com


You probably have known her for her fierce movie roles but this actress is courageously fighting off her Type 1 Diabetes in real life. She was diagnosed back in 1989 after she lapsed into a diabetic coma in one of her TV shows. Although this really did not hinder her from pursing her acting career. She inspired a lot with her attitude towards her disease, saying that’s just how life is. Way to go Catwoman!

3. Nick Jonas


Image from; www.dayswithdestiny.com

Another celebrity with Type 1 Diabetes is Nick Jonas. This charming singer was shocked when he first learn about his disease. He did not have any bad medical history but he was obviously suffering from the symptoms and one of which is losing weight drastically. He was rushed off to the hospital and lab tests show that his blood sugar was over 700. Despite all this, he remained positive because of the support he is getting especially from his family. His mom, for one helps him with almost everything he does and even travel on tours with him.

4. Missy Elliot


Image from: heavy.com

You might have missed Missy. She allegedly had to have a break from the limelight few years ago because of her autoimmune disease known as Grave’s disease. It is a condition involving complications in the thyroid gland. It affected her so much physically that it couldn’t let her do her normal activities even writing or driving her car.

5. Daniel Radcliffe


Image from: huffingtonpost.com

Harry Potter had episodes of headaches in the movie. Daniel Radcliffe had it too, only that it is in real life and this time in a much more extreme form. Daniel is suffering from cluster headaches, a rare medical condition that causes him to experience intense pain on one side of his head. Unfortunately magic does not treat this condition.

6. Pamela Anderson

Image from:www.dailymail.co.uk

Pamela admitted having Hepatitis C. She claims to have acquired this from her former husband Tommy Lee who was infected through a shared needle in a tattoo. Hepatitis C is a disease affecting the liver. It can be cured through medication.


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