8 Wonderful Photos That Would Remind You How Beautiful The World is!

This was the shot I had in mind when I had the opportunity to visit the Palouse region in Washington State. Hopefully, I will have another opportunity to visit, as I am now hooked on the area.

Photographs immortalize many great things – people, animals, big events, ceremonies, surprising moments, inanimate objects, food, flowers, mountains, and just about everything else. Thanks to technology we are able to capture moments and things that matter; we are able to seize the perfect time; and record those seemingly unreal occurrences. Through photos we are able to see and experience the world.

National Geographic is known for its work about nature and people. They tirelessly and patiently dedicate their time, effort and talent to give us the perfect images and videos of things we haven’t seen before. The photographers do the unthinkable to capture moments and natural wonders to share to the world.

This collection of wonderful pictures of nature and people is shared by National Geographic in a new book. Now you could travel around the world without even moving from your chair.

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Mumbai, India

In August, India celebrates the birth of the Hindu god Krishna through a festival called Krishna Janmashtami. Included in the festivities is the dahi handi. In this festival, young people form pyramids in an attempt to get hold of an earthen pot tied way up; and then break it. The pot usually contains curd. This is in commemoration of young god Krishna stealing butter.

Photo by Sudeep Mehta

Regan, North Dakota

Regan is not really a tornado area, but nature somehow finds a way, and hits the place. Captured in this photo is a slow weakening tornado that looks like a tube connected to the gloomy sky above. It’s a disaster, but this immortalized photo would remind us how beautiful and terrible nature could be at the same time.

Photo by Mitch Dobrowner

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