Cristiano Ronaldo Strikes A Series Of Beautiful Goals!!!

Cristiano Ronaldo, is a professional Portuguese footballer who plays for Real Madrid and the Portugal national team. He is known for being a strong, quick and technically sound player.

Since his international debut in August of 2003 at the age of 18, the “World’s Best Player” seems to be bouncing into the dating world. Being the second timer top richest footballer of the world, this flashy player not only had all the fame and wealth but seems to be earning beauties along with his oozing career. He has the ability to play the ball at the highest and had also done the best striking forward on his love affairs.

Lot of girls keep coming in the field of this global icon and undeniably, controversy comes along. As the ball keeps rolling in, the world is ought to know who will be the lucky girl Ronaldo would finally settle for life. So while CR7 is on his way, let’s try going back and trace his love journey.

Jordana Jardel (2003)

She is a Brazilian model who happens to be the younger sister of Ronaldo’s teammate Mario Jardel the former Sporting Lisbon player.  Their relationship was not taken publicly but was later confirmed by football striker Mario Jardel.  Jordana Jardel said they were still kids when they began dating. She was 16 and he is 18.


Diana Chaves (2006)

Diana Chaves is a Portuguese model/actress and an ex-professional swimmer. She has been the face of Modalfa and Clearasil and was the presenter for a Portuguese television show, Club Strawberries. She was romantically linked with Cristiano Ronaldo in 2006.


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