Harry Styles and His Girls! Here is a Comprehensive List of his Dating History!


Harry Styles. The One Direction boy is notorious for having been in out and about with a lot of girls even before he became a teenager. When he became famous, he went out with more famous individuals, dating even Taylor Swift – he being the reason of Swift’s Trouble-some songs, and going out with models and who knows who else. It seems his ideal type is just all kinds of types.

While we cannot deny his good looks, Styles has his way with girls and women. Some claim it’s his smile, his curls, or probably his extra pair of nipples, what do we know? What we know is this One Direction boy can melt anybody’s heart with his own Styles.

Let’s get to know his girls. Some of these people on the list are really his girlfriends, and others are just rumored to be because they were seen together outside, or they hang out sometimes. The media just loves to sensationalize his every date. Let’s get to know them anyway.

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2006 – Abigail Crawshaw

Harry was 12 years old when he found love through Abigail Crawshaw. And even if was just some kind of puppy love, their relationship was good until they were teenagers. It was known that they still keep in touch and maintain a good relationship.

harry-styles-abigail-crawshaw tumblr_myoxlkVwCo1r50o10o1_1280

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2009 – 2010 Felicity Skinner

Known to be Harry’s first love, Felicity and Harry dated each other for almost a year, but drifted apart when Harry joined The X-Factor and gradually rose into fame. Skinner had admitted they had never contacted each other after Harry became busy with his career.


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