Here are 5 of the Most Beautiful Homes You Would Want to Live In! Check Them Out!


Having a house is a dream come true for many. For some, it’s a time to make their creative minds work and spend a luxurious amount of money to build the most beautiful, unique, almost bizarre homes. The architects behind these structures are masters of their craft. They are famous because they have their own style, they follow a distinct design that sets them above the others.

Let’s look at some of these works of art. Looking at these house would most likely leave you in awe and would also  make you want to start planning your own home.


Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles is not only a really fine structure, but was also a symbol of a political system in the Kingdom of France in the 15th century. Several expansions were done to Versailles since its beginnings in 1623. Both Louis XIII and Louis XIV were credited as the creative geniuses of these really luxurious and beautiful chateau.

While it is now a park and a museum, it officially became home to Louis XIV in the 1680s. It has grand apartments that face equally grand gardens and has private apartments for the royal family. The Hall of Mirrors is also a thing to behold. It has a Royal Opera and five chapels. Probably the most recognizable are the gardens that surround the palace.

The Gardens


The Royal Opera


The Hall of Mirrors


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