It’s Game of Thrones! Let’s Travel to the Stunning Locations Where The Incredible Show was Filmed!


Eversince it was shown on television, Game of Thrones has become a big hit. People followed the story, got crazy over the excessive and brutal scenes, angered by the astonishing endings, amazed by the dragons, and waited excitedly for the next seasons to come. It’s just really big now, as massive as its dragons; it’s the talk of the town everytime an episode ends. The creative mind behind the books has become a celebrity on his own. People who have watched the show would never be the same again. Their lives have already been touched by the characters, and possessed by the show’s undying spirit.

While the book, A Song of Fire and Ice, bear the original stories, the television show has a mind of its own. Sometimes the stories and events, characters and personas have different dramas to handle, and surprisingly would have different endings as well. There has been a lot of speculations and theories among fans about the happenings for future episodes, but no one really knows what happens next. All we know is that two really powerful, aggressive, and cunning families are fighting for the Iron Throne. But around them are several more key people who are part of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and who are also fighting for their role and their right for the throne. So let’s see what happens next.

The show is also known for its stunning locations. It is set in what seems to be the medieval era complete with palaces, mountains, oceans, knights, slaves and heroes. Game of Thrones was filmed in places as Malta, Northern Ireland, Croatia, Iceland and Morocco. Let’s take a trip to some of these beautiful places and let’s also wish these places remain as beautiful as ever even after the filming.



Azure Window (Wedding of Daenerys and Khal Drogo)

Azure Window is a natural arch made of limestone in the island of Gozo. This popular scuba diving destination was formed when the limestone caves collapsed and created a window looking out into the ocean and the blue sky.

This is the famous background of the not-so-happy wedding of Daenerys to Khal Drogo. But they have since made up and became each other’s sun and stars. Azure Window has also appeared in several other movies as The Count of Monte Cristo and Clash of the Titans.

Azure Window, MaltaFashion portrait and fine-art landscape photography by Przemek Czaicki a photographer based in London game-of-thrones-locations-malta-and-gozo-18

sources:,, (center photo by Przemek Czaicki)

San Anton Palace (The Red Keep)

This palace in Malta is the official residence of the President of the country. Built in the 1600s, the grand place has public and private gardens complete with structures, walkways and a pond. This structure was established by French Knight Antoine de Paule. He had built a large place to accommodate a number of his men, including cooks, physicians, torch bearers and many others.

Several places in the palace were used as parts of The Red Keep in the Game of Thrones. Most scenes in this place though took place outdoors and in the stables and one of the hallways was also used.

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