Looking Back And Forth: Icons Of The 90’s, How Are They Today?

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Wow! 90’s got a lot of great memories. And while those oversize style, floral get ups, red berry lips, etc. were the popular trend, many of our actors for today surely had a great throwbacks. It’s overwhelming to see our favorite child and teen stars during those butterfly clips, long overalls, overall shorts, and overall dresses had developed into a most loved actors and actresses of today.

So if you grew up in the 90’s you’ll surely have a juicy recollection upon going through the pages and find your favorite star during their younger years dazzled into today’s trends.

Katie Holmes

She was once a fan of an oversize sweaters and denim overalls inclined with a  hash locks. It’s been a decade since this ultimate girl next door of the 90’s hit the fame for her role as Joey Potter on The WB  television teen drama Dawson’s Creek. On her long journey, Holmes played a real wife role of Tom Cruise to which she was gifted an adorable daughter. Unfortunately, the two goes separate ways after 5 years of being together.

83694293Source: celebseven.com

Leonardo DiCaprio 

In the early 90’s, Leo owns that hair the casual boy crushes has and an oversize shirts like the Hawaiian one he made famous in Romeo + Juliet. Those hair went through several international success  up to the epic romance Titanic  times where he received his first Drama Golden Globe Award. Titanic became the highest grossing film during that time and in fact, “Leo-Mania” was born. The favorite heartthrob’s version  aged along several success. At present, our “The Great Gatsby” was still the ‘Gatsby to beat’!

90s-then-and-now-celebrities-leonardo-dicaprioSource: cdn2.teen.com

Jennifer Anniston

The natural brunnette hair of Aniston had gone through several evolutions since the 90’s. Her different hairstyles became an icon to every girls out there. The cool New York look goes with her fashionable styles. Decades later, Jennifer still wears her absolutely gorgeous hair coupled with her unabashedly fashion trends.

1376426936_jennifer-aniston-zoom-02Source: celebseven.com

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