Looking Back And Forth: Icons Of The 90’s, How Are They Today?

Macaulay Culkin

He was best remembered for his roles in films like “Home Alone” and “Richie Rich,” Macaulay Culkin had earned much affection from the public as a child actor of the 1990s. At 35, Macaulay Culkin had totally changed from a tweetum little rascal boy into a much grown man with those facial hair, cigarette, combat shoes and those long hair that runs up to his shoulders.

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Mara Wilson

“If you can affect someone when they were young, you are in their heart forever.” This was Wilson’s line referring to her friend and co-star Robin Wilson. Actually this line surely fitted to this adorable moppet who had gained public followers in the likes of ‘Mrs Doubtfire’, ‘Miracle On 34th Street’ and ‘Matilda’. At 28, she forgo her life in the limelight and pursue her education instead, studying Art at NYU. Her acting days will truly behind her. At present, Mara Wilson is enjoying her career as a writer with her blog, MaraWilsonWritesStuff.com.

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Alicia Silverstone

She was the 90’s heartthrub girl edition.  She started out as a trendy, teen icon  with gorgeous golden locks and grew up to be an animal rights crusader.Alicia Silverstone captivated our hearts when she portrayed the sweet natured character of the lovable Cher in the 90’s hit “Clueless”. Her career went upside down and now at twenty, Alicia spends most of her time as an animal right’s activist. Yes, she’s still just a busy woman away from spotlight.all in all, it seems as if Alicia is still just as busy as ever, but away from the spotlight.

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