Looking Back And Forth: Icons Of The 90’s, How Are They Today?

Larisa Oleynik

In “The Secret World of Alex Mack” of Nickelodeon, Larisa Oleynik played the title role. She was a teenager who gains powers when she comes into contact with radioactive waste. Her most memorable power was turning into a puddle of metallic liquid. Oleynik continued her career under small productions and at the same time, attending school at Sarah Lawerence College where she graduated in 2004. Recently, she plays major roles on popular shows like Hawaii Five-O and Pretty Little Liars.

larisa-oleynik-snakkleSource: opishposh.com

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

During the 1990s, he was frequently featured in teenage magazines, something he didn’t liked much. He once said during this stage, he hats being a celebrity because he did not enjoy being recognized publicly. But this alien who appears to be a teen age boy in 1996’s alien comedy “3rd Rock From the Sun” has successfully transitioned from a child star to a well-regarded leading man with a heartthrub image.


joseph-gordon-levitt-660Source: img2.timeinc.net

Amber Scott

The adorable little girl who played Maggie, Robin Williams’ daughter in the gawd-awful Steven Spielberg movie “Hook” and as Peter Banning, Peter Pan’s daughter when she was seven had grown to be a flawless gorgeous woman. She undeniably grew up to be a real beauty.

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