Now is the Purrfect Time to Know What Taylor Swift Says about Her Cats!

Yes, Taylor Swift is a self-confessed cat lady. Probably not crazy, but still so in love with cats. She only uses the best cat shampoo, toys and food to make sure they are always happy and healthy. Who wouldn’t with those furry, fluffy, soft hair, beautiful eyes and I-don’t-care-about-the-world sassy cat attitude? Okay, let’s go back to Swift and her cats.

Taylor Swift is a multi-awarded artist with albums reaching the top of the charts upon their release. Her songs are on every music player, radio station, online feeds, and just almost everywhere that you could not get them out of your head. She is also known for her fashion and style. That classic vintage touch on her wardrobe is to die for. Fans follow her everywhere, and follow her style as well. That red signature lipstick is also a classic.

Stop it, mom..


She is notorious for creating songs about her break-ups and ex boyfriends. But who cares what and who they are about. Fans all crave for her music. They could probably relate. And of course, she is known to have a huge love for cats. That’s what we are going to focus on. Swift has two pet cats: Meredith and Olivia, named after famous women characters on television. These cats have become internet sensations as well thanks to constant Instagram and Twitter posts of their human.

But what does Taylor Swift think about her cats? As crazy cat ladies do, they often talk about them publicly, the cats own their house, the cats are their masters. Pampered little fuzz-balls with all the latest toys from sites like! I guess it’s not really that different from Taylor Swift. Let’s find out!



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