Unexpected Funny Resemblances of Things and People.

A man’s imagination is limitless, and it is said that imagination is the supreme activity of the human mind. Funny to think that our expressive imagination works even in the pettiest thing we see along the way. It captures some incredibly funny and weird resemblance of things or people. In life, sometimes, simple things draws a smile in an unexpected way.
Who could tell that a mere leaf resembles a scary mask in the movie “Scream”? Can you imagine how this mask draws horror to people and suddenly turns into a bit funny? How about  puppies resembles a yummy fried chicken? Or a backpack that looks like a shark mouth?

totally_looks_like_3Source: www.cavemancircus.com

Similar-Look-Things-EMGN23Source: cdn.emgn.com

Wearing an outfit that resembles something can surely draw a smile on public. But of course, an embarrassment to the concerned. Oh, that’s the horror of fashion.

Oyster card looks like her tee.

things-look-like-similar-9Source: www.boredpanda.com

Perfectly the same outfit. Just wondering who wore it better…

things-look-like-similar-23Source: static.boredpanda.com

She actually belongs. Imagine how embarrassed she gets.

like3Source: o.aolcdn.com

She must see this thing to help her on her dressing styles next time.

9a00ab31abb290ffdd779353204ba549Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

Even celebrities have their unexpected resemblances. Like in choosing a wardrobe, fashion styles even the images they portrayed. They easily get noticed. That’s the fear of being a public figure.

Kim Kardashian looks like the Penguin from Batman Returns.

similar-things-look-alike-41__700Source: static.boredpanda.com

That’s Justin Timberlake’s hair from his N’Sync days look-alike.

70d7b76891966468841c8d9554ef2289Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

Did Cher know was wearing a sea urchin?

emgn.com-Similar-Look-Things-EMGN7Source: cdn3.list25.com

Yes, she got a slot again! Who ever think that Willy can actually be that fashionable and classy? Nobody ever imagined the resemblance of the famous star and Willy sea.

3e004f45-c07d-44a4-b35e-9ce7f205f91fSource: cdn.diply.com

A green pepper which closely resembles Sylvester Stallone in his Rocky Balboa film.

613-700x437Source: buzzflare.com

And when simple things looks like another completely different thing, it’s kind of weird but undeniably funny. That’s how imagination works.

Be sure to be keen enough in simple things. You might mess on something. It’s a dog, not a towel on top.

bestpozitiv.ruSource: thumbpress.co

This ripped stocking looks like the Burj Khalifa.

Similar-Look-Things-EMGN6Source: cdn.emgn.com

Adorable! Picture perfect.

139-633x396Source: buzzflare.com

A chocolate piece to a bald man’s head. Very funny!

totally_looks_like_11Source: www.cavemancircus.com

How could you expect a sliced apple could perfectly look like an owl?

eca63144-af75-4fc7-bf4c-216513d800deSource: s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com

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