Wonderful Expectations Versus Frustrating Realities! Utter Disappointment!

It’s always nice to set ideals and plans so everything would go on smoothly. But we all know that they don’t really go as planned. They end up being total disappointments or even tragic. Like that time you planned a trip with your toddlers. You imagined them totally happy going about and playing around the camping site; but in reality, they cried during the whole trip, and made a total mess in the place. You ended up being stressed, and realized it was not a very happy holiday. Imagination and plans ruined.

Most of the time companies present products in the most convincing and beautiful way that would make you purchase instantly. And when you finally have it, it was not really the way you had seen it on television. You have been punked.

These situations are real, and they happen everyday. Even on social media. Well, the Internet is actually the best prankster there is. If you’re not careful, you would also be a victim. These realities are hilarious as well. They don’t bring that much trouble, but more fun and laughter. Because you just can’t help it when your expectations turned up to be frustratingly hilarious in reality.

sources: http://diply.com/, buzzfeed.com

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