10 Extremely Bizarre Medical Conditions!

All of us are definitely bound to get sick. It is just inevitable but what if you had that one sickness, so special, so bizarre that people might think it is just fictional? Those medical conditions surely existed but only in one out of million or billion people in this planet. Let’s discover those special medical conditions, so strange, you’d surely doubt their existence.

1. Argyria

This is medical also known as silver poisoning, is caused by inappropriate exposure to silver. The skin turns bluish-grey just like that man in the picture below. This usually occurs to people who have inhaled or ingested large amounts of silver.

Paul Karason, whose skin turned blue after taking colloidal silver with distilled water, which he thought would be a relief to his sinus and acid reflux. Image from: www.likesharetweet.com


2. Cutaneous Horns

This unusual horn that grew on the elderly woman’s head (as seen on the image below) is called Cutaneous Horns. These are considered to be skin tumors. An exposure to radiation is believed to trigger this bizarre medical condition however, its real cause is still unknown.

Image from: metro.co.uk

3.  Noma

Noma may not sound like a harmful disease but this medical condition is considered to be a polymicrobial and gangrenous infection of the mouth or genitals. Malnutrition, unsafe drinking water and poor hygiene are just some of the factors that can cause this rapidly progressive microbial disease.

Image from: jackmilln.wordpress.com

4. Blaschko’s Lines

They may seem like Body art at one glance, but this is actually a rare medical condition called Blaschko’s Lines. Its name was derived from a famous German dermatologist who actually studied this disease. Ironically, these lines are lines of normal cell development in the skin and are not really visible. However when triggered by skin diseases, they become extremely obvious in the shape of an “S” in the chest or “V” over the back.


Image from: www.reddit.com

5. Pica

When someone has a large appetite for large non-nutritives, then they have this condition called Pica. By non-nutritives, we don’t mean junkfood. These are things like paper, clay, sand, soil, glass and chalk. To simply put, it is eating whatever that is not considered to be edible. Factors linked to these abnormal urge are stressors such as family issues, parental neglect, pregnancy, poverty and disorganized family structure.

A man obsessed with eating mud and bricks. Image from: www.youtube.com


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