Amazing Libraries That Would Make You Love to Read! You would love to be in Number 4!


When we talk libraries, we always imagine rows and rows of shelves filled with boring books or a room with long tables filled with boring students. And they are not really the most favorite places to hang out with. They are not definitely the coolest of places for some people. But that would change in a bit when you see these magnificent libraries all around the world. This is home for book lovers indeed.

Libraries have been around for a long time. The first ones stored archives of the earliest forms of writing dating back to 2600 BC. Over the years, libraries have become not only a home for written materials, but also for electronic ones. It is also a comfortable and cool place to stay providing Internet, food and even sofas and beds.

Libraries are also great architectural structures. So they became more than a source of information, but are now also tourist destinations. Let’s visit some of these libraries!


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