Beauty Shines in Animals’ Survival Technique! Take a Look at these Camouflaged Creatures…if you can!

Survival of the fittest! This is the line that we know of when we think about living in the wild. Survival of animals in their natural habitats comes with a strategy that is used by both predator and prey alike: camouflage. This ability to change color and texture, to blend in well with the environment and to fit in in the surroundings is a work of a genius. But not only that, it is also beautiful.

Animals that are mostly the hunted are those that use camouflage to escape being eaten by the hunters. The small insects would become one with the branches and the flowers. Some would cover themselves with what is around them to look invisible.


AnimalCamoSandhopperInSand AnimalCamoCaterpillarOnTree AnimalCamoGrasshopperInGrass

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