Building of the Year Goes to Intricate Lego-esque Apartment! Check this out!


This is the Interlace Apartment in Singapore. It has just been named as the Building of the Year in the World Architecture Festival 2015. Highly sophisticated skyscrapers did not dominate the competition this year. They focused more on innovative design, eco-friendliness, and communal living. And that’s what Interlace is all about.



Designed by the Office of Metropolitan Architecture and Buro Ole Scheeran, the Interlace, being true to its name, has interlaced and stacked apartments looking quite complex but really innovative. It is approximately 42 acres and is composed of 32 apartment blocks, with 1,041 units. It’s like a whole community in one apartment complex.

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Known for being eco-friendly, the building itself regulates temperature and does not rely much on heating and cooling systems. This decreases electricity bills, and most importantly it reduces harmful effects to the environment.


Another important factor in building this complex and why it won the building of the year award is the sense of community. Around the property are swimming pools, tennis courts and playgrounds where residents could enjoy. It also boasts of its barbeque areas, walking tracks and some quiet places where people can have fun and relax.

the interlace by buro ole scheeren_4

Although a lot of buildings have focused on getting higher and higher, this hexagonal-shaped masterpiece stays low and makes use of horizontal space. It also has landscaped terraces and gardens on the rooftop. Now, who does not want to live in here?


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