Famous landmarks turn into paper!

It all started with a quirky idea of making Big Ben as a wristwatch. Now, Rich Mccor’s works has reached different parts of the Europe, transforming landmarks into funny yet creative pieces of paper art! This British photographer did not expect that his works would stir the Internet world. Who would have thought that London Eye can be a bike’s wheel? or Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid is actually taking a selfie?

Indulge your curiosity with these cute cut-outs that made us see the world in a totally different way!




  1. Big Ben was remodeled into a wristwatch
Image from: www.dailymail.co.uk


2. London’s Eye transforms into a bike’s wheel.

Image from: www.archdaily.com


3. UFO sightings in Cirkelbroen, Copenhagen


Image from: www.archdaily.com


4. A familiar ‘”Up” Scene in Covent Garden, London


Image from: www.cnn.com


5. Boat in a bottle in Af Chapman, Stockholm


Image from: www.viralthread.com


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