Gorgeous Trails That Would Make You Want to Hike! Ready, Set, Go!!!

Wales, UK – Wales Coast Path

The world is too beautiful that we seem to not get enough of it. The trees and flowers, the waters and the skies, the mountains, animals, and just about everything are those things that nature has gifted us. So get out and appreciate this beauty while they’re still there.

On this list are gorgeous and magnificent hiking trails that would wake up the hiker in you. It’s definitely worth checking! You would not anymore wonder why these mountain travelers get their packs on their backs, ready their trainers, and walk miles and miles. Because these beauties are waiting for them. So stand up and start walking!

sources: all-that-is-interesting.com

Australia –  Overland Track, Lake St. Clair National Park

Known as one of the best wilderness trails, the Overland Track is 40 miles of moorlands and meadows, waterfalls and rainforest. It would take six days to complete the whole hike, but if you’re going to be welcomed by natural beauty and incredible summits each day, that would not be a problem. You would probably want to spend the rest of your life in here. And Lake St. Clair, the deepest lake in Australia is waiting for you at the end of the hike.


source: cradlehuts.com.au

Tibet – Mount Kailash Pilgrimage

The hike to Mount Kailash is not your normal kind of hike. It’s more of a sacred pilgrimage. While it takes three days to make the hike and that no one has ever reached the summit, this 32 mile travel would surely have you all divine with its breathtaking views.

1-1210251T531M2Best-hiking-trails-Mount-Kailash Best-hiking-trails-Mount-Kailash-bridge

source: tibettour.org

Utah, USA – The Narrows, Zion National Park

In this towering canyon, the trail is really something that you yourself have to set. And it involves swimming in the Virgin River. The best time to go to The Narrows is in late spring or in the summer when the river waters are warm. The magnificent views in Zion National Park mean heaven.

0svbd fc5a4824371de893582339b87b6dc7f3Zion National Park

source: reddit.com, bestourism.com

Xi’an, China -The Huashan Hiking Trail

You make the Huashan Hike in Xi’an, China, not only to admire the view, but also because you want to prove that you fear nothing and that you love tea. Looking at the endeavors you have to undergo, including walking on two planks hanging on the side of the mountain with only a chain to hold on to, you must be a real adventurer.

Best-hiking-trails-huashan-trail hiking-trail-huashan-mountain-china-2 IMG_9133

source: munjara.hr, wineartculture.blogspot.com

South Africa – North Drakensberg Traverse

Probably the most carefree hike you’re gonna traverse is the North Drakensberg beautiful mountains, plateaus, cliffs, grassy hills; and if you’re lucky you might pass by some waterfall. This adventure is not only a walk between the natural beauties of two countries – South Africa and Lesotho –  but is also a cultural experience that would make you see cave paintings from ancient times.

Best-hiking-trails-Africa-knollhiking-drakensberg Ryan-Sandes-Drakensburg-Traverse-04

source: sidetracked.com, wmin.org

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