How Fluffy and Big Your Cat Can Be? Check out these Huge Cats and Enjoy the Fluffiness!

Cats. They can be your tiny little furballs or your giant cuddlers. But they are still your babies all the same. Depending on the breed of the your feline pets, they can grow to as heavy and big as 18 pounds. Like the Maine Coon cats. They are known as among the biggest breed of domesticated cats. If you think your 6 kilo cat is already amazing, imagine the 8+ kilogram, long haired, furry Maine Coon. They would melt your heart in an instant.

Maine Coon cats are native of the State of Maine in America, and are known as one of the oldest natural breeds. You could easily recognize a Maine Coon. Aside from its big frame, these cats have healthy and powerful structure and almost rectangular body shape that could reach to 4 feet in length. They have long silky hair, and a very bushy tail. With this kind of body structure, you seem to be taking care of a hybrid lion. Not that you would mind it.


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