Man Buns and World Leaders! What a Perfect, Trendy Match!

“How to grow a man bun” has just been revealed as the most searched term in Google in the beauty category in 2015. Maybe we can also add to that “How to tie a man bun.” This manly hairstyle, usually matched with a beard, is the most coveted hairstyle of men who want to be cool, hipster guys.

The fad is not so new as a lot of men had already garbed long hair, and tie it in a bun, for like forever. But it was not until 2014 that the term man bun and the hairstyle became a trend. Several websites are now dedicated to man buns – how to grow it, how to tie, different kinds of man buns, history of man buns. Tutorial videos are also available for those who need visual aids.

The hype exploded when a lot of famous faces began to wear the style. Suddenly, the messy bun paired with a messy beard does not make someone look like a homeless person anymore. It made them feel beautiful, just like celebrities Leonardo Dicaprio, Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth, Jared Leto, Harry Styles, David Beckham…and the list goes on.

But you’ve probably never seen a politician sporting a man bun. Don’t fret though because the designers at Design Crowd set their artistic ability to play and styled politicians from around the world, and in history, with a man bun. Do you think this style fits them? Well, I think they look really cool. And it’s probably time for you to get one, too.



The short top man bun fits President Obama perfectly.

Styled by iMAGICations



This top knot man ban almost seems natural for Kim Jong-un.

Styled by jkrebs04



Nothing like a neat swipe for that middle bun.

Styled by IGlowCreationz



The messy tie should not be underestimated.

Styled by Ryan



The twisted messy man bun could conquer the world.

Styled by Lionx



When paired with braids, you could rock even this tight top knot.

Styled by jkrebs04



You are a neat freak in this tightly set bun.

Styled by hunGarry



Volume and messy buns are a must.

Styled by bijuak



A serious mid length tie is just what you need.

Styled by Alaya


Modi and Jinping

The extra large and mini buns always look good.

Styled by My Dream’s Website Development

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