Mechanics Reinterpret the Renaissance in this Freddie Fabris Garage-esque Photo Series! It’s Hilariously Genius!


The auto mechanics made their way to Internet fame because of hilarious “mechanical” interpretations of renaissance art. And we have only Freddie Fabris to blame, a professional photographer who has always wanted to give homage to the renaissance, because who doesn’t? That period in time has been the root of inspiration for a lot of artists.

Renaissance means rebirth, and it is known as the bridge between ancient and modern art. In this period, there was a sudden surge of interest in culture, politics, society and science. But most especially it was a period of artistic interest and development. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were two of those great artists who contributed much in the renaissance.

In Freddie Fabris’ photo series, he featured Philippe de Champaigne’s The Last Supper, Rembrandt’s Anatomy Lesson and Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam. But what is most unique about his photography is the concept of auto mechanics garage-esque style. Inspired by a Midwest car shop, he started the series of reinterpreting paintings in his photography using whatever he could find in the auto shop.


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