Meet and Greet The Actresses Who Receive The Highest Salaries!

Doing what you want and getting more that what you deserve are what most people wish for. They may not agree with more than what they deserve, but I think it’s just really more that what they really deserve. I am talking about actresses. They act, they advertise things, they endorse products… they receive millions. And acting is also something that they love to do…be any character in any movie or show, and they get what normal people call a treasure.

There is still a lot to do when it comes to pay differences between actors and actresses. This profession is not really that promising for women when it comes to salaries, as many other professions apparently. Comparing to what male actors receive, these actresses’ salaries are on a a much lower scale, though the work required would sometimes be more. It was revealed that as actresses age, they receive less and less, while actors continue to receive higher pays even up to their 50s.

Forbes has listed the richest actresses this year. Take a look and see if your favorites made the list.

These famous people receive millions because of movies and endorsements – the movies you watched, and the products you used. Maybe it is safe to say, we made them famous, and we made them rich. If only we could have a piece of their treasure.


10. Kristen Stewart: $ 12 million

Famous for her Twilight saga extravaganza, Kristen is now focusing on Indie projects and is worth 12 million dollars. She has recently starred in an action and comedy filled movie American Ultra.

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9. Anne Hathaway: $ 12 million

Also gaining 12 million dollars is Interstellar star, Anne Hathaway. She had gained massive success in the musical movie Les Miserables, and is now heading to the small screen in novel-turned television series Ambassador’s Wife.


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