Meet The Two Types Of Girls In This World… To Which Do You Belong?


Marilyn Monroe says “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. Are you this kind of girl? Well, girls do have a lot of differences and it’s quiet interesting to know the type of girl we are and those we come across every single day. Girls who believes in manicures, those who goes into overdressing, wearing make ups, bags, shoes, girls who works like men, sexy and classy girls, emotional, careless, overprotective, weird… a lot, actually.

So, why  not take a break and have a short review about ‘girls’ and discover some simple yet entertaining facts about a certain type of girl living in this trendy world? Find out which girl was actually YOU.

A girl that manages her mindset. Someone who figures out the distinctness between ‘have to’ and ‘want to’ and definitely got the right choice for the matter. And yo! Another girl that forgets to check off her box on ‘to-do-lists’ and manages to have a peaceful nap and yet wonders why she didn’t achieved her goal for the day. Know what I mean?

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2. The stay-up girl that used to surf the net til dawn thinking there’s more interesting things that’s yet to be discovered and the one that tries to shape a wonderful dream for staying early in bed during a sleepover. I wonder whose story will be more interesting when the morning comes.


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