Photos of Celebrities Taken at the Perfectly Wrong Time! Ridiculous and Hilarious!

We often see celebrities in all their shining glory and beauty. While they are but normal people like us, but with loads of money and are really famous, they are usually out and about wearing make-up, looking all handsome and glamorous. Some celebrities though flaunt their natural beauty when they go out in public.

It may seem strange to see famous people not all prepped up. And sometimes, even when they’re garbed in full make-up and beautiful clothes, timely wronged photos reveal the ugly and the funny. I am sure there are some images that one does not want to remember any time. But photos seem immemorial, especially in this Internet age, pictures of long ago pop out like mushrooms ready to humiliate.

Perfectly timed photos, whether of normal people or celebrities, are pure hilarity. They are those moments that you probably did not want to get captured, or you probably did not even know that part of you even existed. Celebrities are easy targets. Papparazzis follow them around like their own shadows. Any unglamorous moment is captured, presented to the world and the whole world laughs.

But these are just moments, pictures. These do not represent the whole person. But let’s take a look, and laugh. And later remember that maybe you would look much worse even on better days.


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