Release the Kendall Jenner in You With these Tiny Minimalist Tattoos!

Besides being a model, a reality TV goddess and a socialite, Kendall Jenner is known for her minimalist tattoos. For her, “it’s the little things that matter.”

True enough the smallest ever tattoo you could ever find, if you can, on Kendall Jenner is a white dot on her middle finger. And the tiniest broken heart that matched her best friend Hailey Baldwin’s.


Tattoos have been around for a long time. It has been part of ethnic groups since the ancient time. A lot of cultures all over the world have practiced the art of tattooing; each has their own style and technique. It served as a symbol of rank, religion, occupation, and some even used it for healing and medical purposes. There has been an evolution of ink designs through the years – from being status symbols to mere body decorations. But most tattoos still have stories to tell, and they serve as permanent inspirations to the owners.

A lot of celebrities are now sporting minimalist and tiny tattoos – as Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne, Carrie Underwood,  Beyonce, Kate Moss and Adele to name a few. Let’s be inspired by these minimalist tattoos. You might want to have one and get a tiny, yet long lasting mark that has a big story.



Lines. Fine threads, dashes and ribbons that seem to connect one to forever.

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Words. There is nothing much greater than meaningful permanence.

351444520 warrior-tattoo minimalist-tatoo-jonboy-west4tattoo-145

Triangles. Three-sided elegance that spells beauty.

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Animals. Tiny creatures that linger on you; cuteness that’s long lasting.

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Dots. Seemingly visible spots of lasting degree.

544860679 641186193 triple-dot-tattoo

Constellation. Nothing like stars and space on infinite loop.

40-star-tattos-for-40-years-around-the-body 11191020_687685288003685_242834515_n 213779383

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