Show Your Love for These Celebrities who Love Animals! Are You One With Them?



Celebrities are known not only for their talent and their wealth but also for their kind hearts and charity work. They help people in need, those who can’t afford basic needs, those who can’t have good quality education. But this love is not only for people, they also spread this to animals. Animals who need a home, some food, a little warmth and a lot of love.

It is also good to know that they had build organizations that rescue homeless and abused animals, promote adoption of these cuties, and just spread the love for any kind of creature. They surely have a big heart.


Ian Somerhalder

Famously known for his role in the Vampire Diaries, Somerhalder is not only a hottie to the humans, but also to animals. He has adopted and rescued cats, he’s really good with dogs, and he even has a horse. Bless his heart for having an Ian Somerhalder Foundation that promotes conservation and protection for the environment. It also aims to end animal extinction, stop killing of animals in shelters and just heal the world.



Salma Hayek

The Desperado lady has a whole ranch of animals. She is just a happy mother of horses, rabbits, birds, cat and dogs. It has been known that she takes care of almost 50 animals, would pick up wounded, homeless animals and bring them home with her even if they’re from the other side of the planet.

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Ricky Gervais

Funny Ricky has done amazing things for the animal kingdom. A well-known actor and writer, Ricky made his voice heard when he stood up against trophy hunting and promotes adoption of homeless animals. With the use of social media and his celebrity status, he defends animal’s rights and consistently posts about rescuing animals.



Howard Stern

Howard Stern is a television presenter who is well known for his strong comments and opinion. He also served as judge in America’s Got Talent. So you could already imagine the bold personality. But when it comes to animals, Stern is a real sweetheart. He had done amazing work with North Shore Animal League and promotes rescuing and fostering of animals.


Simon Cowell

Yes, Simon Cowell, that brute judge and mentor in The X-Factor. Don’t be fooled though because no matter how tough his personality is in his job, his love for animals is just as soft. He has promoted adoption and rescue of animals and has also given light to the tragic truth that is animal cruelty, including fur trade and captive dolphins and whales.



Kristen Bell

Kirsten Bell is vegan and a self-declared sloth lover. She has been involved with Michigan Humane Society promoting better treatment of animals and advocating adoption for shelter animals. She was also awarded as the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity by PETA.





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