Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Moms

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Hollywood stars, celebrity women sooner or later decide to settle down in life and experience becoming a mom, a parent.

They slow down from their careers for a couple of months because of their pregnancy.

Paparazzi takes a stolen shot of their baby bump then after they give birth they emerged, Fit Sexy and Gorgeous.

You are left speechless wondering how they manage to have kids and regained their sexy figures, balancing motherhood and ultra hotness.

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10. Reese Witherspoon – became a mother when she was 22. She has a successful career as a actress/producer.

She is a single mom with two kids (Ava and Deacon).Not like other busy and solo celeb moms, she doesn’t spoil her kids and as much as possible she avoids to be a overprotective mom.

9. Kate Beckinsale – She is exquisite, she maintain her sexy body and beautiful face. Kate Beckinsale is currently the parent of a teenage girls as she continues to take on acting roles. She and her daughters just look like sisters.


8. Victoria Bekcham – She may be a fashionista and always wears heels but when Victoria Bekcham is at home. It is all about her kids, she serves them lunch at school. Yet with 4 kids she still manage to remain sexy and classy. Victoria works out and believes in good nutrition. Flawlessly chic and sexy.


7. Gwen Stefani – Is a stunning rock ‘n’ roll mom. She has two boys, Kingston and Zuma. She is known for her killer abs. she maintains her sexy rock figure by getting right back into shape shortly after giving birth. Indeed she is a cool and sexy mom.

6. Britney Spears – The Pop diva has two boys, Sean Preston and Jayden. So to get back on shape she exercise a lot, she says that its important to be mentally and physically fit and to stay healthy, she follows her diet to keep that sexy body and abs.


5. Jessica Alba – has two children, Haven and Honor. In order to maintain her sexy body. She follows her diet plan and exercise regimen in order to maintain her fit and sexy body.

4. Jennifer Lopez – has two children, Max and Emma. She maintain her fit, sexy body by doing different exercises. As we all know Jennifer Lopez loves to dance, she also attends Zumba classes to stay in shape.


3. Katie Holmes – has a steller career and good lifestyle. She is a fashionista and she also applies it to her daughter Suri. To attain her sexy slim figure she works out to keep her body looking good and healthy.


2. Halle Berry – She maintains strict diet and exercise regimen because she is diabetic.

She also refrains from eating fried foods or refined sugar and eats a few carbs.


1. Angelina Jolie – Nobody defines the “hot momma” better than Angelina Jolie.

Jolie have six children together, three of whom are adopted. She is the epitome of supermom and she is absolutely gorgeous. She was able to maintain sexy and sophistication. There is really no other like her. well that is unless you look at the adult entertainment industry, there are a few look a likes out there but you won’t have seen them unless you frequent sites such as That being said Angelina Jolie is absolutely tops our list.


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