Unseen Photos Of The Past That Will Surprise You


We should not limit our knowledge to the things that we already knew and to know what is only trendy. We should have to look back and took a glimpse of our past for it defines what we are today and it tells ou story..(Ok I’m getting serious now). So as I was saying.. our history has many interesting stories that is about to tell. We might not yet discovered it and hasn’t been seen it.

Who would have think that there is one person who took a tea with a lion? Or a wood for a bathing suit? Even weird pageants. All of these are stories from the past that reveals the story of our history. This will prove that our history is full of surprising stories and not boring at all indeed.

Below are the untold and unseen photos of our past that will surprise you and even makes you laugh. So scroll down until the end so that you will have an edge with knowledge of our history. Unbelievable yet true.

1. The Dynasphere

source: news.bbc.co.uk

The Dynasphere is a monowheel vehicle which was built in 1930 by J. A. (John Archibald) Purves. There were two prototypes; the smaller one below was an electrical model, and the bigger one was with a gasoline motor. The Dynasphere can travel up to 25 miles per hour.

2. A policeman judges an ankle contest.  

source: imgur.com

So this was a competition. I can truly say that our generation  have gone way too far. This was an Ankle Contest held  at Hounslow, London in  1930 where a policeman judges the competition. Pretty unique huh? What can you say? Oh there she is, the Miss Ankle London 1930.

3. Alfred Hitchcock and the MGM Lion Leo 

source: www.peacemakerentertainment.com

Have you remembered the roaring lion before a movie starts? That is the MGM Production and yes it is the lion below. The lion is Leo the iconic roaring lion logo. And the man below is Alfred Hitchcock, the legendary English film director and producer. So this was the making of the emblematic MGM roar for the studio’s logo. Both is having a tea, so I guess this would be a sort of  a partnership. Truly amazing right? I mean who would have thought that? You might get beheaded by the lion!

4. A fugitive being dragged by border patrols

source: www.vintag.es

Two border patrol officers attempt to keep a fugitive in the US in 1920s, so that he doesn’t escape U.S.A. and enter Mexico. How would you judge this photo? Might it be staged one, to show border issues? Or why does the fugitive wants to escape U.S.A in that time?

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