Who Wouldn’t Go to this Cat-Shaped School? It’s Learning and Fun in one!

Cats. They are creatures that we just can’t get enough. Cute, fluffy, sweet, funny, adventurous and simply catty. Cats set the trend on the Internet. You can find millions of cat videos, gifs, and images online, and these are things that you can’t just ignore. In fact, they are so addicting, you just can’t stop yourself from watching them.

So it is not a surprise that these trendsetters are just around the corner in your neighborhood. There’s a school built in Wolfartsweier, Germany that’s shaped like a cat. The big white cat is a Kindergarten Die Katze or the Cat that sits on a yard complete with school amenities for very lucky children. I would love to go to this school.

source: catchannel.com


Designed by artist Tomi Ungerer and architect Ayla-Suzan Yondel, this project was made as part of the Europe Without Borders campaign. This project aims to strengthen the friendship between Germany and France.


Kindergartens have to enter the school through the cat’s mouth. And have to leave through its tail. The fun thing about that is the tail is also a slide. That could present as a problem though because sliding is just the best way to leave school, and that’s probably what you’re going to do early. But then the school has a lot of fun things to teach to these kids.


The windows serve as the cat’s eyes and they even have some grassy area on the rooftop that’s supposed to be the cat’s fur. How awesome!


Almost 100 kids go to the school. Built in 2011, it is still the most popular among the area, I think. Because if I were a kid, I would really want to go to this school. Learning is so much more fun in a cat!

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