Levitating Performers Secrets Finally Revealed!


(photo credit: theboredmind.com)

Everyone of us loves a magic tricks. Since we were little kids, we are already amazed how these tricks works until now. For the first time ever, the secrets of levitating performers are now revealed to the public. For years, these techniques were kept secret for them to retain its magical aura.

Levitating entertainers are basically a variety of the human statue. The greatest contrast between the two is that the suspending entertainer appears to challenge the laws of material science by coasting on nothing other than a stick (or staff), making it look as though they are in a profound thoughtful state. As a rule, their clothing tends to comprise of Middle Eastern or Indian clothing, for example, hung garments, turbans, and facemasks.

Reality behind the enchantment is entirely more basic than you could envision. The road entertainers utilize an assortment of shrouded pieces so as to serenely bolster themselves and, therefore, they give off an impression of being suspending. Their to a great degree loose garments is the thing that shrouds the stage that they use to sit on, and also alternate segments of the backing.


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