These Celebrity Kids Look So Much Like Their Famous Parents


When a baby is born, people are already trying to figure out which parent he or she looks more like. Maybe she has her mother’s eyes, and her father’s nose. Or maybe he is the spitting image of his dad, without a trace of his mother anywhere to be seen.

Celebrity babies are no exception to this. it’s a given that a lot of celebrity kids have good genes. Their parents are famous, and probably at least one half of their gene pool has a few appealing physical attributes.

Genetics are an amazing thing, but it’s almost scary how much these kids look like their famous parents. some are so blessed that they not only benefit from their famous parents’ wealth and success, but also by looking so much like them.

15. Gwyneth Paltrow – Look like a mirror image of her mother, Between the blond hair, pale blue eyes, nose shape and just about everything else.ORLANDO BLOOM AND SON FLYNN

14. Orlando Bloom and Flynn Bloom – – Flynn Bloom was already starting to resemble his handsome father. They both have matching cheeks smiles and curly sexy hair.

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