DIY Villain Costumes That Will Surely Unleash The Devil Side Of You



Heroes became great because villains were too good to be bad. They’re absolutely effective, that is. And as far as heroes became loved, villains turns out to be just as celebrated as they were. In fact, most of them became everyone’s favorite when it comes to Cos playing. And you’ve got to believe me, some creations were just perfect!

So if you love cosplay and  feel like devilish, here are some DIY villain costumes simply done but with accuracy to represent a specific character. Check these out for some great ideas. Hope you’ll be impressed as I was.

1. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn cosplaySource: ScreenCrush

 This is a perfect creation of adorable and sassy Harley Quinn’s outfit. A simple red and black piece put together that looks complex. Actually, it’s just a matter of seaming all of the arms and legs together. With the basic black and white make-up, Joker’s dangerous sidekick is just ready for clowning around.

2. Darth Maul


A painted bald cap glued with some devil horns just took a little time for that perfect Darl Maul’s headpiece. A red and black makeup on the remainder of the head and down the front of the neck. A long-sleeve red T-shirt as a base costume. Put on both pieces of the karate gi. It’s just that simple but perfect look of the tattooed double bladed lightsaber and main antagonist of Star War film, Darl Maul.

3. Queen Grimhilde


Oh, that evil queen!!! It’s a flowing purple dress with a golden waist rope. A dark cape with red lining, a big collar made out of two pieces white foam cut outs glued together over the bristol board template. And for the evil queen’s headpiece 2 fleece balaclava trimmed in the front of it in the classic Evil Queen V shape on the forehead. The crown, of course, made out of gold sparkle craft paper. Don’t forget to put on a golden necklace with huge pendant.

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