Police Raids Factory That Manufacture Fake Coca-Cola Products


Fake products are not only for apparels these days but also for food and beverage which is quite alarming. Imagine the effects of this below standard products in the economy and into our health. It may cause major diseases and worst case is food poisoning that may lead to death.

Recently, a factory in Pakistan has been busted by the police for manufacturing fake Coca-Cola products. The place is totally unhygienic and a lot of chemical bottle has been found to recreate the product. Worst case is that, they totally use the same container and logo just like Coca-Cola.

Authorities believed that these fake refreshments are supplied in the markets of Lahore, Sheikhupora and Guranwala but the quantity that had been delivered is still unknown. Good thing that this operation has been shut down before it is too late.




photo source: pak101.com

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