(know your) Skin Tone + Perfect Shades = A Perfect YOU!


Human skin color ranges in variety from that darkest brown to the lightest hues. Over time, the social significance of differences in skin color has varied across cultures. And women as we are, beauty becomes a must in our day-to-day undertakings when in fact, choosing the right shades that will perfectly match to our skin tones is quiet complicated and time consuming. Finding the right blush to bring out that natural glow and the perfect shades that will compliment to the eyes and to achieve the best lip color can be frustrating.

So we must evaluate what kind of skin tone do we possess- warm, cool, or maybe to be lucky enough to have a neutral undertone in which one can mix and match any color as long as it is appropriate for the occasion.

Anyway, if you want to bring out the best in you, this page will somehow do some wonders to your skin tone and will definitely make your natural beauty shine among others. So come on… find your luck!!!


Ebony Skin Tone

Ebony skin color

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It’s a dark skin tone. Finding a perfect foundation to match black skin tone is quiet challenging. Since it is advisable to have your face a few shades lighter than your arms, it is advised to test your foundation on your jawline. You can start playing with color and shine once you’ve found the superb  match. These products are typically overwhelm other skin types, but are absolutely gorgeous on you. Jewel tones like deep sapphires and amethysts are practically cool.

Deep Brown Skin Tone

a6-3413Source: topratedviral.com

If you own a deep brown skin tone, you definitely has a warm undertone. Therefore, be bold and experiment with color. You’ll be looking great with lip color like bold berry, should go with the purple palette and use a lavender blush to add a unique and subtle color to your cheeks, and to complete this alluring look, combine deep browns and plums for your eyes.

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