These Craziest Amusement Park Will Take Your Breath Away!!!


Entertainment attractions, rides, and other events and adventures… experience all of these in different amusement parks around the world. Usually, many are themed to a particular area like water parks, parks that are modeled after toys, others are inspired from movies or types of movies, particularly adventures and action.

But not all in these themed parks can be enjoyed both by adult and kids. Like for example these rides and adventures listed below where even adults will totally freak out. But it’s what adventure is all about. So if you want to experience some nerve rocking adventures, you may check the pages below and plan for your final destination soonest. enjoy!

Crocosaurus Cove- Darwin City, Australia


Darwin Crocodile Park offers a highest degree of wildlife thrill to its visitors with their Crocosaurus Cove experience. Go down into their 9 ft high “Cage of Death” and come up close face to face with the world’s dangerous and largest crocodile species swimming around you. It is a 20 minute underwater thrilling experience you might ever experience.

Canada’s Wonderland- Toronto, Canada


This is the first major theme park in Canada and still, it remains the country’s largest. This is where you can find the giga coaster, the Leviathan which is the tallest and the fastest roller coaster in Canada. It is the park’s 16’th roller coaster and ranks high among the tallest roller coasters in the world.

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