Adopted Celebrities!!! Who Are They? Find Out…


It is said that adoption is done by choice and out of love. Remembered my childhood Bible story about baby Moses who was saved by Pharaoh’s daughter and decided to keep him as her own, probably the earliest known adoption. Legally, the first recorded adoption was in 1963 when Governor Sir William Phips of Massachusetts adopted his son.

History tells that from 1854-1929, homeless children were placed on trains and taken to rural sites in the Midwest and West in search of homes. At each stop, children were “put up” on platforms to see if anyone would want to take them, which led to the phrase “put up for adoption.” Well, that was long, long time ago.

Today, let’s run through the following pages and have a simple review over the life-changing adoption stories of some of our celebrities. Each of them may have their own version of stories behind but what’s really beautiful, I should say is, we can keep some points to ponder as we live a life of our own. Happy reading!

1. Marilyn Monroe


Famous actress and model of her time, Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson. Her mother, Gladys Baker, who is mentally and financially unsettled placed her with foster parents until she was 7 years old. Her mother tried to get her back but unfortunately, Baker suffered from nervous breakdown and was hospitalized. This time, her mother’s close friend, Grace Mckee became her legal guardian. Few years after, Marilyn was sent to Hollygrove orphanage in LA and then to several foster homes and back to Grace Mckees custody. When Grace and her husband were moving to the East Coast, they couldn’t take Marilyn with them, So they asked their neighbor, James Dougherty to marry her when she turned 16 so that she wouldn’t have to return to an orphanage or foster care again.


2. Nelson Mandela


He was the late politician and peace activist who was adopted and raised by a tribe Chief Jongintaba Dalindyebo and his wife after his biological father’s death at the age of 9. It is said that his father advocated Jongintaba’s ascension to chief years before, that’s why Mandela was adopted as a good turn. Later, Mandela became the first black president of South Africa.

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