Rare Dolphin Dies After Beachgoers Pass It Around For Selfies

A baby dolphin washed away at the Santa Teresita resort in Buenos Aires, Argentina and a lot beachgoers surrounded the tiny dolphin and pass it around to take a picture and selfies without knowing that dolphins are not immune to heat and can die easily without water.

This is one good reason to hate people love taking selfies.


Vida Silvestre Foundation, an aqua marine foundation released a statement that the baby dolphin died caused by too much dehydration and worst case is that the dolphin is among the list of the vulnerable animals named by International Union Conservation of Nature.

The dolphin is identified as Franciscana also known as Plata that can be found in coastal Atlantic waters in Southern America.

Due to carelessness and stupidity, we lost a precious dolphin. I hope it will serve a lesson for all of us and must not happen again in the future.


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