Angel-Face Korean Lady Has The Body That Every Man Wants


Korean ladies are well known for having a thin body and a cute face just like your favorite K-Pop group but only few are exceptional and one of them t is muscle builder Yeon Woo Jhi.

The 31-yr-old body builder is very well known for having a face of an angel but with the body of a true Hulk. She competed in her debut for body building competition 2010 Korea YMCA and won that competition. She travels around the world to see how far she can go and in 2013, she won the Arnold Classic Europe Physique and last year she started her professional debut at IFBB Vancouver Pro Show Woman’s Physique 2015.

Here are the photos of Yeon Woo Jhi and prepare to be amazed.

Just like other girls, she looks very normal at the beginning.

4source: Facebook/YeonWooJhi

But when he hits the gym, it is another story and starts flexing up.

5source: Facebook/YeonWooJhi

2source: Facebook/YeonWooJhi

And this is what she looks like during the competition.


source: Facebook/YeonWooJhi

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