Headless Man Caught On Camera Fanning Himself Sitting Outside The Bank

A strange night encountered by a young Filipino named Ivan Mendoza after seeing a headless man fanning outside the bank and caught it on camera. The quality of the video is not that clear but we can say it is not edited. These video became viral on social video and shared 18,000 times from the original uploader with more than a million views. What Ivan captured is really something.


If you analyze the video, the background is a white wall and a red desk, meaning the head can surely be visible if he has or another possible explanation is that if there is something blocking his head or if he is hiding his head underneath those polo and shirt.

It is up to you decide if you believe it or not. We don’t have enough proof but all we know is that there are a lot of mysteries in the world that even science cannot answer.

Watch the video:

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