Stunning Photos Of US Navy and US Marine Corps Proving that They Have The Best Swimming Pool In The World

“Join The Navy and See The World” is the expression of the Navy for recruiting for many years and still works until now. This expression is not a lie; you will really see the world and sail to the deepest oceans you cannot even imagine.

Marines and sailors spend a lot of time in the sea and in a certain period of time, they have been given a permission to swim near the US vessel while onlookers observing in case of danger like shark attacks and other accidents that may occur.

Below are the stunning photos of US Navy and US Marines swimming in different oceans and seas around the world, they have the best jumping boards diving into magical water.

1) A sailor jumps from a vessel into Pacific Ocean.


2) Sailors playing football inside the well deck of USS Cleveland in the coast of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

sailors-play-football-in-the-well-deck-of-the-uss-cleveland-off-of-the-coast-of-espiritu-santo-vanuatusource:businessinsider/US Navy

3) Jumping from USS Antietam into the Indian Ocean.


4) Sailors enjoying the water of Gulf of Aden.


5) Jumping from USS Dwight  D. Eisenhower Aircraft Carrier into the North Arabian Sea

sailors-jump-from-the-aircraft-carrier-uss-dwight-d-eisenhower-in-the-north-arabian-seasource:businessinsider/U.S. Navy

6) Jumping from an elevator of USS Carl Vinson Nimitz Aircraft Carrier onto the Aribean Sea

sailors-during-a-swim-call-jump-off-an-aircraft-elevator-aboard-the-nimitz-class-aircraft-carrier-uss-carl-vinson-into-the-arabian-seasource:businessinsider/U.S. Navy

7) Sailors of USS Cleveland swimming in the sea of Papua New  Guinea

swim-call (1)source:businessinsider/U.S. Navy

8) Sailors jumping from USS Dwight D Eisenhower into the North Arabian Sea

sailors-jump-from-the-uss-dwight-d-eisenhower-into-the-north-arabian-seasource:businessinsider/U.S. Navy

9) Sailor using the USS Mesa Verde as a jumping board diving into the Mediterranean Sea


10) Diving from the USS Kearsarge into the waters of Aqaba, Jordan


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