10 Firefighters Who Risked Their Lives Saving Not Only Humans But Also Animals

Firefighters are one of the unsung heroes and the most dangerous job in the world. They put their lives on the line all the time. In case of fire and calamities, they never hesitate to rescue someone even in a burning house or building.

Even they have trainings and proper equipments for fire fighting; accident still happens but these courageous firefighters never stops.

What even more amazing and inspiring about them is that they don’t save only humans but also animals. They treat every living creature as equal. If they need help, they will come to the rescue.

Below are the sample photos of incredible fire fighters saving animals. Thank you and more power to all of you. We appreciate all your hard work.

1) Ff/Paramedic Mark A. Monaghan From Largo Fire Rescue Giving An Oxygen Mask To A Rescued Dog


2) Firefighter Rescued A Baby Hampster And Gives Oxygen


3) Blind Dog Rescued By Firefighters In The Lake Of Ontario


4) Firefighters saving a guinea pig.


5) Cat Giving A Thank You Look To The Firefighter Who Rescued Her


6) Firefighter saving a trapped kitten.


7) Cat Giving A Hug To The Firefighter WHo Rescued Her


8) Firefighter Giving Water To The Rescued Koala


9) Firefighter Rescued An Orphaned Owl


10) Firefighter Giving Mouse-To-Nose Respiration To Save A Dog

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